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17 September 2008 @ 10:23 pm
Apartment Bliss  
So this is a great week for apartments.


I lived in an apartment. Wooooo.

I had to move out of this apartment one month shy of my lease being up. I had lived in this complex for a few years, always paid rent early, etc etc

Apartment complex would not let me break the lease. Ok, whatever. I moved out anyway and just paid double-rent for a month. Sucks, but ok.

Maybe 2 months ago I got a letter from the management saying that I owed $670 in damages.


They send photos with their letter.

1. The photos had timestamps on them. The date was when I was still living in the apartment. Wtf?
        a) Upon reading the letter more closely, it said that these photos were of damage similar to that in my apartment, but not actually of my apartment, and that it would cost the $670 to repair. That's right, it WOULD cost. As in, they were implying that it wasn't done yet.


I had driven past my apartment prior to receiving the letter, and it had new occupants. Their curtains were open and they had all sorts of barbecues and furniture on their patio. So wtf? Hadn't been repaired yet?

2. The photos were of holes in the walls and carpet damage.
        a) There was ONE hole in the wall, and I spackled it.
        b) There was some carpet damage, nothing horrendous, and I got a carpet shampooer to clean it. It was clean but worn.

3. The apartment complex said that they'd report me to "the credit agency" if I didn't pay up, and this was written on a POST IT NOTE (unsigned)  and attached to the photo.

So I wrote them a letter saying hey, the damage wasn't $670 worth of bad. I told them that when I viewed the apartment, the display model had dark brown, almost black carpets, and I told the management person how much I liked that because the white carpets apartments usually have get worn down super-quick.

When I got the apartment, the carpets were white. Whatever, but would it have killed the lady to say "btw not all the apartments have brown carpets"? Also the carpets weren't new when I moved in, they were clean, but they were worn.

The apartment was clean when I left. I spent many days making sure I wouldn't have to deal with this. What blows my mind is that in the apartment I lived in prior to this one, I didn't even clean at all, and I still got some deposit back.

I wrote in my letter that since the apartment had been vacant for a month, I felt that I had already paid then $490 of what was owed them. I sent them a check for $180 and told them to contact me with any questions.

So yeah, today (I think two months later) I got a nasty letter demanding $670.

I'll probably just pay it, but it's BS.

This entry might lack coherency because I drank some Nyquil, zzzzzzz

EDIT I forgot to mention that the $670 is AFTER applying my $500 security deposit, wooo

Wherever they're buying their carpet from must be raking in the dough to sell 350 square foot of low-grade crap carpet that comes unravelled if you catch your toenail on it for over $1000 (yeah my apartment was bigger than 400 s/f but they said that only the carpet in two rooms needed replacing)
Curtain shredder and booze drinker.: Huh?calicatmerlin on September 18th, 2008 03:11 am (UTC)
Those bitches are trying to hose you. Most likely for wanting to move out a month early and in spite of you paying for the final month's rent. I would report it to the the appropriate agency. Not sure which would be appropriate, Better Business Bureau, Housing Authority.

Either way, sounds fishy to me to pick your pockets.


Oh by the way!
If I come to FCN would you accompany me to a ballgame in Detroit the next Monday after the con? :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


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sushikitten59sushikitten59 on September 19th, 2008 04:45 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'm fighting it. Already got in touch with the collection agency and told them I was disputing the charges, the lady on the other line was very nice and said she'd note it on the account.


mmmmmmmmaybe depending on how things pan out - there is a possibility I'm not going to FCN D: but we'll see we'll see
Curtain shredder and booze drinker.: Oh Noes!calicatmerlin on September 23rd, 2008 07:44 pm (UTC)

YOu might not be able to go? My world will crash down and end if you cannot go! ;_;
sushikitten59sushikitten59 on October 3rd, 2008 09:41 pm (UTC)
It's all been settled, I'm going to FCN ;)
Curtain shredder and booze drinker.: Eeee Yesh!!!calicatmerlin on October 3rd, 2008 09:44 pm (UTC)
YAY!!! *throws uncooked white rice in the air*

Now to plot activities. ;)
slade_moonriseslade_moonrise on September 18th, 2008 12:30 pm (UTC)
Just out of curiosity, what was the name of your apartment complex again? I'm wondering if it's owned by the same company that owns my apartment complex...
(Anonymous) on September 18th, 2008 12:36 pm (UTC)
Olivieri Management.

I think they own a lot of the property in MP.

Hilariously, I used to do a bunch of business with Olivieri when I worked at Bill's. They don't like to pay their bills on time XD
sushikitten59sushikitten59 on September 18th, 2008 12:37 pm (UTC)
Um, that was me.
slade_moonriseslade_moonrise on September 18th, 2008 05:48 pm (UTC)
lol, ah I see. Well it's not owned by the company that owns mine (United Apartments) but they sound like they're jerks just like mine are. I know United owns quite a bit too. Ah well, next year I'm looking at Rok and Oddy's complex from last year (Stone Crest, heh) XD
Eddiddiumseddiddiums on December 1st, 2008 09:25 pm (UTC)
From what you said I would never pay the amount they are asking. If they threaten to damage your credit rating, take them to small claims court. Chances are since they did not have pictures of your apartment, and the apartment already has new residents, the court would default in your favor and your problems would be solved.